Alligator Rivers Uranium Province (ARUP)

Dominant land position in the Alligator Rivers Uranium Province (ARUP), Northern Territory of Australia – the most successful and  mineralized uranium province in Australia.

ARUP is considered a world class uranium province:

  • >500 Mlb U3O8 endowment, including Ranger (194Mlbs U3O8) and Jabiluka (312Mlbs U3O8)
  • >30 years historic uranium production
  • High-grade, profitable deposits
  • Ongoing exploration success, such as the Angularli discovery by Cameco
  • Comparable geology and uranium endowment to the Athabasca Basin, Canada, the world's leading source of high-grade uranium and currently supplies about 20% of the world's uranium

Athabasca Analogue

ARUP has numerous similarities to the Athabasca Basin that has made it an attractive exploration address for major companies seeking large, high-grade uranium deposits.




Unconformity-style uranium deposits

Large-scale continental sedimentary basin

Similar age (after ca 2.2 Ga)

Basin overlies Palaeoproterozoic/Archaean basement

Mineralization localized along controlling structures




High-grade, high-value deposits

Ongoing exploration success

Uranium Equities Projects

Uranium Equities has been actively exploring the ARUP both exclusively and in joint venture with Cameco Australia since 2007.  It has now consolidated a [5,140] km2 [CHECK] in granted tenements and exploration lease (EL) applications throughout the ARUP.

The Nabarlek Project includes:

Nabarlek Mining Lease

  • Historically the highest grade uranium mine in Australia, profitably mined between 1977 and 1988
  • Produced 24 Mlbs U3O8 at an average grade of 1.84% U3O8 before mineralization terminated by dolerate sill
  • High-priority Nabarlek Offset target underneath dolerite sill that may represent extension of known deposit

  West Arnhem Joint Venture

  • UEQ earning 100% from Cameco -- expected to be completed by June 2017
  • High-priority Namarrkon target, where in 2016 Uranium Equities identified a 2km-long radon-in soil anomaly within creek sediments
  • Drilling planned to test underneath surface anomaly and transported cover at Namarrkon
  • Other targets include GC-11, SMLB and the East Quarry Fault Zone.

Alligator Rivers Regional

  • EL applications (4,680km2) throughout ARUP
  • High priority tenement adjacent to recent Angularli uranium discovery (Cameco/Rio Tinto) and others with surface radiometric anomalies

 Rudall River (Western Australia)

  • Rudall River (Western Australia)